Webinar: Building Sustainable Power


Manufacturing facilities face serious challenges—rising energy costs, cost volatility, power outages, and environmental concerns. This webinar will provide facility and business professionals with performance metrics, strategies, and power system design features that enable significant power savings, resiliency, and carbon reduction. Attendees will learn how to build sustainable power systems to maximize resiliency, cost savings, and […]

2024 Manufacturing HR Peer Group


This 15-day training will be presented in a live virtual workshop format; hands-on with real-life simulations and examples. Each participant will be required to complete a Lean Six class project that provides immediate application and results! These projects typically return 5 to 20 times the training investment in less than one year. REGISTER

Maryland Manufacturing HR Peer Group


Why join the Manufacturing HR Peer Group? Maryland MEP launched the HR Manufacturing Peer Group in August 2022 to provide much needed support to HR leaders across the state. Given today’s economic, business and labor challenges, manufacturers are having to manage an exceptional degree of complexity and risk related to managing human resources and all […]

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