October is National Manufacturing Month. Frederick County is home to a variety of manufacturing companies in industries that include technology, equipment, agriculture, and so many more. Throughout the month of October, we will be highlighting some of Frederick County’s manufacturers and learning more about their operations.

This week we are getting to know Quantic PMI (Planar Monolithics). Located along Grove Road in Frederick, this manufacturing company specializes in custom, high-reliability radio frequency microwave components and subsystems. Their products are used for mission-critical applications in the military, communications, commercial and consumer industries. The company was founded back in 1989, and today they have 67 employees, as well as a second location in California.

Quantic PMI has more than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of technologically superior RF, Microwave, mmWave devices, components, and subsystems. They work with the world’s most prestigious research institutions to help develop novel systems which take advantage of state-of-the-art advances in chemistry and physics in fields as diverse as radar systems and radio astronomy. At Quantic PMI, application of the most powerful and up-to-date design simulation and modeling software ensures effective and efficient results even prior to hardware prototyping.

Quantic PMI sells directly to customers and well as through private sales representatives and distributors. They also offer an online in-stock option via direct sales as well as private label distributors. Their products are sold both domestically and internationally. Thanks to their recent move to a larger facility, the company can continue to expand their portfolio of products. As a Quantic company, they are part of an extended engineering ecosystem and supply chain, defining a competitive advantage that extends to every Quantic PMI customer.

For over 30 years, the company has been headquartered in Frederick, Maryland. Leaders at Quantic PMI tell us they like doing business in Frederick County because of the close proximity to many of their government and military customers, great engineering schools nearby, and the creative talent pool.

You can learn more about this Frederick manufacturer by visiting their website.

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