In Frederick County, women are driving innovation, economic growth, and positive change in the manufacturing industry. Their leadership, entrepreneurship, skills, mentorship, and community involvement are instrumental in shaping the manufacturing landscape of the county. Let’s celebrate some of the remarkable women who are making things happen in the manufacturing industry!

Michelle Asper is a Technical Services Group Administrator at Abicor Binzel USA, a company that manufactures and repairs welding equipment. Her role involves receiving and identifying welding torches and accessories in need of repair. She processes the purchase orders and maintains customer contact throughout the repair process.

Michelle was greatly influenced by two men in her life that motivated her to enter the manufacturing industry: her grandfather and her father-in-law. Both men worked in the manufacturing industry for 33+ years. Her grandfather often spoke of his work with pride, and she found solace in the job security her father-in-law had. Michelle wanted a meaningful, long-term career that would provide vital products to businesses and manufacturers. Through the influences she had in her life, she has set herself up on the path to achieve these career goals.

In the manufacturing industry, Michelle has been presented with the challenge of being viewed as not “tough enough” to be working in a warehouse. Se instead took it as a challenge and a new opportunity to work harder in what she does. Through her determination, she was able to learn a whole new set of skills that was valuable to herself and to her position at the company.

Michelle’s strength and perseverance is a message to all women in manufacturing. She advises women to continue to persevere, as it will pay off. She offers, “Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone regardless of how others might view you. Retain your integrity, strength and resilience, but also know that it’s okay to show a softer side sometimes.”

You can learn more about Abicor Binzel USA at

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