Made in Frederick: Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies

When you think of machinery that can’t break down, think of Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies. Marine engines, wind turbines, and trains are just some of the critical assets that depend on Wilcoxon’s sensors to continue performing safely and reliably. Check out Wilcoxon...

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Made in Frederick: Saputo Dairy

Are you one of the 150 million Americans who drink coffee each year? If so, you probably used this product with your coffee, which was made in Frederick. Maryland.  Check out Saputo Dairy the newest release of manufacturing leaders in Frederick County, MD in...

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Follow This Checklist for a Successful Facility Expansion

The prospect of expanding your facility is an exciting one. But the process can be slow, difficult, and frustrating, particularly if you fail to plan ahead and make all the necessary arrangements. This handy 12-point checklist covers everything you will need to know...

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